Masking It - Spring Summer Fashion 2020


As we gladly moved away from the winter months, edging closer to spring and summer, none of us had any clue about what was in store and how drastically every aspect of our lives would be affected. 

COVID-19 and worldwide lockdowns have changed the way we live and, yes, dress, everyone dealing with the new ‘normality’ in different ways. 

Through open windows, sounds of people taking online yoga classes can be heard, the clinking of more than average numbers of wine bottles getting ready for recycling day, washing lines once filled with variety, now a sea of jogging bottoms and elasticated waistlines (please tell me I’m not alone in this!) because, let’s face it, eating has become a new, national hobby during lockdown.

Most of us haven’t been thinking as much about fashion in recent weeks, and rightly so, there’s kinda been more pressing issues at hand, although there has still been a place for combining creativity with some level of protection. 


Before I come to the world of prints, colours and styles that’s waiting for us once we’re able to go further than the supermarket for essentials, let’s talk about the small businesses I’ve come across who are combining creativity and supporting themselves financially with making gorgeous accessories that go some way to providing protection during our daily, outdoor exercise. 



Various independent designers are making masks for us to wear in these strange times and while they don’t claim to provide medical level protection they can, at the very least, stop us from touching our faces so much (which, FYI, we do A LOT) while outside the home. 


Admittedly, not everyone subscribes to the benefits of using them, but for those of us who do and for those of us who are missing having a reason to dress up, they’re a welcome accessory. From plain, block colours to camouflage, from bold florals to unicorn print. I’ve personally bought both kente fabric and leopard print ones because OF COURSE! 


If I’m gonna part with my money, it has to be an extension of what I’d usually wear! 


I’ll even go as far to say that on my walk to the supermarket this morning, I noticed a ‘thing’. Those of us who were with masks that had clearly either come from independent designers or had been  homemade with pieces of leftover fabric were checking out what the other person was wearing; or maybe eyeing up the next purchase or home project. 


Dystopian fashion opportunities

We were a part of a dystopian fashion club that none of us could actually remember signing up for. If you want membership to this, hopefully temporary, club there are many small businesses out there making them, who need our support right now. 

Skilled artisans, creative crafts people and innovators are making the most of unprecedented circumstances. With financial challenges, time on their hands and increasing demand, they have been prompted to develop new incomes whilst supporting efforts to stay safe, healthy and entertained. Check out Velvet Jones, award winning fashion designer & costumier and model, or the work of ExoticEcdysiast. You can also support a campaign to supply masks to the NHS. 

If you’re handy with a needle and thread and have some fabric offcuts lying around, there are free patterns from L.O.M. fashion available on the internet. Get busy!




When we’re finally allowed to move freely around this beautiful planet, there’s a whole lot of S/S 2020 trends waiting for us and, boy, are we going to to need an excuse to dress up!

Peace and love,


Coco Malone is a writer with an ear for music and an eye for style. Firmly on the pulse of street fashion, upcycling, retro chic and trends, the lady known as Coco Malone combines an intimate relationship with music, art and cultural history in her writing. Soulful jazz singer by day, deep diving analyst and creative writer by night, Coco is an independent music artist and songwriter of note, working with her band, Coco & The Question, and likes of Karl ‘Tuff Enuff’ Brown and The Doggett Brothers.
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April 17, 2020 by Steven Smith