About our CEO

A creative all her life, Elaine Hewitt - WearYourSoul.co.uk  CEO,  is an artist, DJ, and comic enthusiast with a taste for the dangerous and unusual. Most importantly,  Elaine has been a community support helping small businesses and vulnerable people develop and grow with support as a PA, bookkeeper, driver, caterer, decorator and more.

Elaine started WYS in 2014 with her soulmate who encouraged her to produce art to sell. She in turn helped build several brands including Woven and Solomon Appollo. WYS is Elaine’s way to build a sustainable enterprise enabling other artists to develop and grow their business without the cost of web development and reduced advertising costs.


Conceived in 1997 by highly eccentric but creative and slightly crazed teen rebel, the idea of the brand has been honed to a fine point where it is ready to cut through the bullshit like a Japanese Katana.


Along with his brother, the only person to take his ideas and concepts seriously, they set out to try and solve world apathy by challenging the status quo and challenging the individualist concept of self.

As a youth, Solomon studied his Biblical namesake and said a prayer. This prayer was answered by the universe, from which creativity in thought and character became nature.


Aiming to bring together the complicated peoples of divided faiths, abused local and national communities under one banner to challenge broken concepts of family, maturity, morality.


The idea, the movement, the vibe, can now be shared for your approval.

The numbers are right, and the light has been lit